Events and Attractions


Nirmala Arts And Science College is an institution that respects all religion and celebrates important festivals and days. Onam, which is the state festival of Kerala, is celebrated in all its grandeur in the college campus. While students are allotted a particular day for Onam celebration, teachers are also engaged in Onam activities on a separate date. The festival calls for various competitions and games that the students actively take part in namely tug of war, flower carpet and so on. Teachers are provided the Onam Sadhya that they enjoy seated together as a family.

The month of December is also a time of merriment in the college. The arrival of Christmas can be seen through the lovely changes in the college atmosphere. The competitions of Christmas include carol singing, christmas tree making, and the students also present a beautiful skit depicting the birth of Jesus to the audience. Teachers are given a separate day solely meant for their enjoyment. The celebration of Christmas is also followed by a week of holidays after which students and teachers come back to spend a new year together. The messages of Eid are also imparted to students through which they develop a positive religious attitude.

Inter Collegiate Fest

Nirmala Arts and Science College Mulanthuruthy, has successfully organised intercollegiate fest named SRESHTA 2K19 on 30th January 2019. As part of the fest, nine special events were organised by various departments of the institution. All the events conducted were flooded with a lot of entertainment and information. The fest was open to college students as well as plus two students. Students from a total of 27 colleges and 2 schools participated in the events. The department of Commerce conducted photography competition which was title CHAYACHITHRA and the theme of the competition was ‘best of the fest’. The department of Commerce organised another event named Sameeksha which was an interesting treasure hunt.

The department of English conducted an outdoor game named Ithihasa. A fassion show was conducted by the English department named Hemanta with the theme the ‘hues of the winter’. The department of BCA hosted an event named (Dyutha) a sole mobile game. The department of BBA diligently organised an event named Srishti (product launch). The event Prajna (crisis management) was well organised by the department of commerce. Commerce department conducted a general quiz named Subodha. Prizes and cash awards were given to the winners.

Nirmala Fest

The inter department competitions ‘Nirmala Fest’ was held in Nirmala Arts and Science College during the month of November-December 2019. A series of events including literary, Creative arts, fine arts, musical events and sports competitions were conducted from 22nd November till 18th of December with a grand closing ceremony on the same date.Competitions including Mr/ms Nirmala, mime and thematic dance competitions adorned the event. The judges for all the events were selected from eminent personalities in that particular field. The events showcased many creative and attractive talents of the students.The ardent support from entire staffs and students made Nirmala Fest a remarkable event.

College Tour

The management is always support to students when it comes to academic activities, extra curricular activities and college tours. The students of the institution are accompanied by a few teachers as they travel to the place of their choice. The final year students are given the opportunity of going on a three day trip which is one of the most awaited days of their life. The college trip not only boosts their energy but also makes them aware of the beautiful places they visit and its significant sites. The college tour gives students a space to spend quality time together with their classmates who have been with them for three academic years. As they arrive back from the trip, the students seem to be energized, active and most importantly cheerful. The college ensures that the students have a safe and sound journey all through the three days.

Arts Day

The college gives  importance to academics and non academics equally. The college celebrates arts day every year with unique names. Arts Day provides visual, tactile, and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. Arts in all its forms and glory is presented by the students. Such activities give an impetus to art and culture and encourages students to realise their potential.

Talents Day

Everyone has a unique talent or skill at which they truly master. Talents day is the day to embrace those abilities and show them off. Nirmala Arts and Science College conducts talents day every year to allow all the first year students to exhibit their special interest in dancing , singing, acting and other areas. The participants in groups and solo come up with mind blowing performances.


The farewell function of the college is one of the most precious moments filled with lots of emotions and love. The students of the final year batch are given a formal function which is followed by an informal gathering in their respective classes. The formal gathering is one that involves wishing the students a bright future. The informal function is carried out in the various departments that the students belong to in the presence of their teachers. The juniors of the final year students engage in providing them a worth remembering good bye programme. In the farewell function, the students actively take part in dancing, singing, playing games and having much more fun. The junior batch students decorate their classes and arrange all the required programmes for the day. They also arrange a lunch for their seniors who are having their last days in the college. The institution also wishes them a good luck for their days and years ahead.


The exhibition focuses on the identification, display and interpretation of collective things. Nirmala Art and Science College always take initiative to conduct exhibitions in the campus. Entrepreneurship Development Club of Nirmala Arts and Science College conducted an exhibition cum sale of paper pen prepared by the ED club members on 23rd September 2020. ED club conducted a mask sale on 10th November 2020. Students stitched more than 200 masks and handed them over to the NSS officer Mrs Jeena Varghese. These masks along with sanitizers and supplements were distributed to the houses near by the institution.

ED club members with the help of the college management installed aquaponics inside the college campus and started fish farming on 17th December 2020. The club members attended one day workshop on soap making at Rural Institute of Science and Technology Centre on 5th February 2021. Students were taught the preparation of different scents of sop and about sustainable development. The club members started soap making unit at college campus on 25th February 2021.

ED club conducted and exhibition cum sale ‘Tune of cookery’ on 29th March 2021. Mrs Namitha, District Industries officer inaugurated the exhibition. Students of the college exhibited organic food items, Organic vegetable, soaps, hand wash, cloth masks etc., on sale.