Speakers Forum

The speakers forum was established in our college on 2020.This forum has been formed with the objective of train the students to develop their speaking ability and to empower the communication skills. peakers forum update the various skills of listening ,speaking and presentation skilsl etc .In our college speakers forum programs were conducted at regular intervels in the academic year 2020.The forum aims at developing the oratory and communicative skills of the students. The forum provides an opportunity for the students to interact with eminent speakers and to enhance the capability of speaking through various activities and develops speaking abilities organizing seminars and talks on various topics.

Convener: Mrs. Nisha Antony (Dept.of Languages)
1. Mrs. Vidya Viswam.(Dept.of English)
2. Mr. George K.Joseph(Dept.of Languages)

Activities Report

Report 2020-2021

In this year speakers forum consists of 59 members from various departments. Meetings with the committee members and students are conducting every month. In this meeting committee members and convenor of the forum is giving training to students on how to present a good speech.

Hindi Divas celebration September 14th 2020

As part of National Hindi day speakers forum celebrated Hindi Divas on 14 th September 2020 through Google meet .Mr.Rajesh K Puthumana was the chief guest of the program. He talked about Importance of Hindi as a National language .

Debate competition- October 2020

Speakers forum of Nirmala arts and science college conducted a debate competition on 27/10/2020 through G meet. Created 4 teams for debate competition.Team Gold and Team purple selected for the final round.Two teams including 24 members were participated in final round. Mrs.Nisha Antony, Mrs.Vidya Viswam, Dr.George sir were the co ordinators of the program. In addition of two teams participants around 58 students attended the program. First prize won by Team Gold.

Essay competition

As part of World Hindi Day speakers forum of Nirmala Arts and Science college conducted a Essay writing competition on 10/01/2021 through Google meet .Mrs.Nisha Antony and Mrs.Vidya Viswam were the coordinators of the programme. Topic of the programme was “THE EFFECT OF PANDEMIC IN SOCIETY”,”SAMAJ ME MAHAMARI KA PRABHAV” .The winners of the competition was Suparna K.V(first BCOM Taxation),Amala c.v (first BCOM Computer Science).