Jwaala – Women Cell

The soul of a civilization is the honour it has granted to women. With an aim to help the students to realise their female potential, the Women’s cell – Jwaala, started its operations in the college on 31st December 2020. As the name suggests the objective of the cell is to ignite the hidden inner spark in the minds of our students into powerful flames


  • To help the students realize the female potential
  • To develop self-confidence among the girl students
  • To create awareness about problems of women and gender discrimination.
  • To create awareness about women’s rights in the society
  • To develop skills among the girl students by providing training sessions and workshops.
  • Ms Sona T M (Psychology) – Convener
  • Ms Agnus Joy (English)
  • Ms Ashitha Ashok C (Management Studies)
  • Ms Nisha Antony (Psychology)
  • Ms Bhavana Lakshmy V(Commerce)
2022 – 2023
2021 – 2022
2020 – 2021