Faculty Exchange Programme

Faculty exchange programme is a collaborative activity of two educational institutions, united under a Memorandum of Understanding, exchanging the services of their selected faculties for a short period. The programme presents a unique opportunity for interaction and create a better bonding among the institutions.

This programme is advantageous in many ways; primarily it provides a novel teaching- learning experience to the students and faculties involved. Students are benefited from a wider exposure. This programme is a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

Various departments of our institution conducted FEPs during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Department of Commerce

PG department of commerce NASC Mulanthuruthy in collaboration with department of commerce NIMIT Pongam conducted an online faculty exchange programme on 8th and 9th of september 2020 through google meet platform.The 3 hour session was conducted for 3rd semester and 5th semester B.Com students of both the institutions.From NIMIT,58 students of 3rd semester and 40 students of 5th semester attended the sessions.From the home institution 58 students of 3rd and 5th semester attended the sessions.

Mrs Manju N and Miss Jency Varghese K .V were the resource persons from the home institution.Miss Lakshmipriya and Mrs Rahana John were the resource persons from NIMIT.The sessions were on the subjects Financial Market Operations and Income Tax.The 3 hour class on financial market operation was conducted for the 3rd semester students and the subject income tax was for 5th semester students of both the institutions.

Department of English

Department of English, Nirmala Arts and Science College ( NASC), Mulanthuruthy and Department of English, Naipunnya Institute of Management and Technology (NIMIT), Pongam jointly conducted an online faculty exchange programme of three hours, on 8th, 9th and 11th of September, 2020 via Google meet platform. Classes were held for the third and fifth semester BA English students of both the institution. Approximately 60 students of NASC and 22 students of NIMIT were involved in the programme.

Mrs. Remya S and Mrs. Mythili Raja were the resource persons who participated in the FEP from the home institution. They handled the topics from the papers Creative Writing and Linguistics respectively. Mrs. Remya S explained the topics Figures of Speech, paragraph writing and planning and poetry appreciation in the paper Creative Writing. Mrs. Mythili Raja explained the topics IC Analysis, Phrase Structure Grammar and Transformational Generative Grammar in linguistics.

Miss Emil, Miss Greena, Mr. P. J. Philip, Fr.Antony Kallukkaran and Ms. Grace K. Benny were the resource persons from NIMIT. Miss Emil handled the topic ‘ Types of Ecosystem’ from the paper Environmental Studies, Miss Greena handled the chapter “Digging” by Seamus Heaney from the paper Symphony of Verse and all the others handled general topics from the paper Creative Writing.

Department of Computer Applications

The department of Computer Applications of Nirmala Arts and Science College conducted a three day Faculty Exchange Program on 28th to 30th September 2020 in association with department of Computer Science in Swamy Saswathikananda College Poothotta.

Two faculties of the department became the part of the programme. Ms. Jeena Varghese handled “ operating systems ” for third semester BCA students and Ms. Steffy K Vargheese handled “ Computer Networks ” for fifth semester BCA students. And two faculties from Swamy Saswathikananda College Ms. Rajalakshmy K R handled “ Computer Networks ” for fifth Semester BCA students and Ms. Thusharamol P handled “ Datastructure using CPP ” for third semester BCA students.

Department of Management studies

Department of Management studies conducted two days Faculty Exchange Program in collaboration with St. Thomas Arts and Science College, Puthencruz on 8th and 9th October 2020 through Google meet .This was a three hour session Mrs. Ashitha Ashok C and Mr. Anandhu Aravindan were the Faculties from the home institution.

Mrs.Ashitha Ashok handled Intellectual Property Rights and Mr. Anandhu Aravindan handled Human Resource Management subject. Mrs. Bini Varghese and Mrs.Anu Baby were the resource persons from St. Thomas College, Puthencruz. The session was conducted for second year BBA and final year BBA students. There were 26 students from third year BBA and from the second year