Nirmala Arts And Science College is an institution that respects all religions and celebrates important festivals and days. Onam, which is the state festival of Kerala, is celebrated in all its grandeur on the college campus. While students are allotted a particular day for the Onam celebration, teachers are also engaged in Onam activities on separate dates. The festival calls for various competitions and games that the students actively take part in namely tug of war, flower carpets, and so on. Teachers are provided the Onam Sadhya that they enjoy seated together as a family.

The month of December is also a time of merriment in the college. The arrival of Christmas can be seen through the lovely changes in the college atmosphere. The competitions of Christmas include carol singing, and Christmas tree making, and the students also present a beautiful skit depicting the birth of Jesus to the audience. Teachers are given a separate day solely meant for their enjoyment. The celebration of Christmas is also followed by a week of holidays after which students and teachers come back to spend a new year together. The messages of Eid are also imparted to students through which they develop a positive religious attitude.


  • September 20, 2021

Campus Life