Institution’s Innovation Council

The Government of India, through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), has established the ‘MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC)’ with the objective of systematically cultivating a culture of innovation within all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The primary mission of MIC is to stimulate, motivate, and nurture young students by providing support for them to work with novel ideas and transform these concepts into prototypes during their formative years.

MIC envisions the creation of ‘Institution’s Innovation Councils (IICs)’ in a select group of HEIs. These IICs will form a network aimed at fostering innovation within the institutions through a variety of approaches, ultimately creating an ecosystem that promotes innovation on campus.

  • To execute a range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities as outlined by the Central MIC within defined timeframes.
  • To recognize and acknowledge innovative achievements and disseminate success stories.
  • To arrange regular workshops, seminars, and engagements with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, while establishing a mentorship network for student innovators.
  • To establish connections with peers and national organizations focused on entrepreneurship development.
  • To develop an Institution’s Innovation portal showcasing innovative projects undertaken by the institution’s faculty and students.
  • To host Hackathons, idea competitions, mini-challenges, and similar events involving industry collaboration.
  • Shilpa Johnson (President)
  • Mariam Grace Saji (Convener)
  • Aneesha P S (Social Media Coordinator)
  • Sheena T C (Startup Activity Coordinator)
  • Nalina Biju (IPR Activity Coordinator)
  • Bincy Nebu (Internship Activity Coordinator)
  • Reshma R Nair (Innovation Activity Coordinator)
  • Aleena Francis (Innovation Coordinator)
  • Sebin Saji (Startup Coordinator)
  • Benson Subash T (Internship Activity Coordinator)
  • V J Samuel (Social Media Coordinator)
  • Ashley Manoj (IPR Coordinator)