Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Faculty

  • All the non-teaching staff, being supporting staff of the College should work in collaboration with the the Principal. Each one shall report to the duty in time.

  • They should strive to maintain the academic atmosphere of the College through the works assigned to them.

  • They are not allowed to sub-delegate the responsibilities entrusted to them without the prior permission of the principal.

  • They are not allowed to leave the College campus during the working hours unless permitted by the principal.

  • They should adhere strictly to the laws and regulations of the College.

  • They should deal with students, staff, colleagues and visitors to the college with respect and courtesy.

  • They should maintain honesty, discipline, fairness and justice in their official duties.

  • They should keep the confidentiality of the records maintained in their offices and are custodians of the files and papers entrusted to his/her.

  • If anyone raises complaints against the functioning of any non-teaching staff, he/she should refer the matter to the Principal without any delay.

  • On unavoidable circumstances only, non-teaching staff can take leave. They should get permission from the Principal to make alternative arrangements for his/her absence.

  • Non-teaching staff who are working in the department laboratories shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipment etc and they will be responsible for all the articles and files under their custody.

  • For articles damaged by the students a separate register should be maintained

  • They should refrain from the use of alcohol and other intoxicants in the campus and also from receiving bribes of any type. Moral uprightness is expected from all staff members.

  • Strict action will be taken if any work is found to be delayed purposefully.

  • All should co-operate with the Management, administration and the teaching staff for the smooth and efficient functioning of the College.

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