Campus Discipline Committee

The Campus Discipline Committee is in charge of creating awareness against and to prevent any ill incidents taking place in the campus. It shall be the duty of the Discipline Committee to ensure compliance and continuously monitor and oversee the performance of the Disciplinary Squad in the prevention of in-disciplinary activity in the institution.


To ensure calm and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus.

To aviod physical confrontation among students.

To conduct enqiuries on report of indiscipilinary activities among students

To initiate model actions against students involved in indiscipilinary activities

To initiate steps to reduce violence, controntation in future

Convener: Mr. Bitto Paul. (Dept.of Commerce)

1. Mr. Unnikrishnan M.T (Dept.of Mgt.Studies)
2. Mr. Deepu G (Dept. of English)
3. Mr.Eldho Peter (Dept. of Computer Application)
4. Mrs. Sheena Chacko( Dept of Mathematics)