K- DISC ( Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council) and YIP (Young Innovators Programme)

K DISC is conducting various programmes online and offline for inculcating the habit of coming out with innovative ideas and further working in the long run towards its implementation.In this entire process K DISC and YIP provides unconditional support to students and help them to grow their caliber through various online courses that they conduct often.


A competitive and inclusive Kerala through the creation of a healthy, conducive ecosystem for transformative and bold innovations through new directions in technology, product, and process innovations.


1.Holistic And Quality Human Development In Kerala

  • Fostering innovation by elevating participants’ creative thinking.
  • Promoting collaborative, human-centred, real-life, multifaceted-interdisciplinary problem-solving in a framework of design-thinking, bricolage, and maker spaces.
  • Promoting core values of practice of STEM like scientific temper, searching for uncertainty, recognising ambiguity and learning from failures through past and present learning.
  • Developing programmes for the workforce to improve their employability and adapt to new forms of work.

2.A Knowledge-Centered Technology Based Local Economy With Global Connect

  1. A modern and competitive tech-savvy workforce with capabilities in handling complex problems.
  2. Innovative, resilient and environment–friendly development infrastructure for rapid growth.
  3. Modern governance system capable of handling second-generation development issues.

3.Enhanced Inclusion, Participation, And Self-Reliance Through Cutting-Edge Knowledge And Technology.

  1. Enhanced capacities of the marginalised in the current economic environment through protective processes, institutional systems, technology, and multi-stakeholder platforms.

4.Seeding New Knowledge-Based Industries Through Coordinated Projects With The Participation Of Multiple Stakeholders.

  • Convenor : Mariam Grace Saji ( Asst Professor, Dept of Management Studies)
  • Members : Anisha P S
  • Promotion of innovation in the State to meet pressing challenges in development through judicious application of Science and Technology, for increased productivity, competitiveness, and employment, and to foster equitable and inclusive development.
  • Establishment of a supportive ecosystem for innovation across the State that facilitates experimentation, risk-taking, and creativity.
  • Strengthening of skills, behaviors, and attitudes of the knowledge economy talent pool, particularly of the youth, to strengthen innovation and eliminate barriers to physical, human, and knowledge capital.
  • Enhancing innovation spirit and talent, specifically young talent, by supporting greater innovation at the institutional level including teaching institutions, Medium, Small, and Micro Industries, Research and Development institutions, Government Departments, Public and Private sector bodies, Local Government, and Corporates.
  • Knowledge creation and management as well as addressing information asymmetries related to innovation.
  • Developing strategies for strengthening capabilities in proactively developing Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technologies in the State jointly with Universities, Research Centres, and Academic Institutions and promoting the development of start-ups jointly with the Kerala Startup Mission and innovation collectives in the State.
  • Providing support to the Government in establishing Centers of Excellence  in key areas of the Knowledge Economy and developing systems for Digital Transformation in various sectors jointly with Universities and other Institutions in the State.
  • Developing systems for translational Engineering in the State jointly with Universities for translating research in Research and Development Centres into Start-ups and Innovation Collectives.
  • Systematic promotion of grass root level and rural innovations and linking them to the Innovation Ecosystem.
  • Addressing infrastructure deficit and making rapid strides in cutting-edge areas of knowledge revolution and tourism without infringing upon its fragile environment and impacting adversely upon its biodiversity.