Letters ignite and inspire minds. Specchio, the newsletter of Nirmala Arts and Science College is a mirror to the campus. It is the print face of one complete academic year of the college. Specchio comes out with the details of all the activities, events and initiatives conducted every year. All the creative energy required for the lay out is offered by the department of English and the newsletter goes to the credit of the department. Being faithful to the name which means mirror Specchio is a true reflection of the institution in words.

It aims to increase awareness and understanding of the college among stakeholders. The curricular and co-curricular activities, extension and outreach programmes, celebrations, campaigns, department activities, add on courses etc. conducted each year find perfect place here. These updates motivate the blooming Nirmalites to dream high and reach new skies. Specchio thus fills confidence and pride in the minds of the readers helping them identify the platforms we provide. The feeling of being a part of these events enhance the aspirants’ self esteem. Specchio is the dignity of the alumni and an inspiration to the freshers.The spirit of the campus is truly visible in this mirror

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