Divyangjan Cell

Divyangjan cell was established in our college to empower students with disabilities (Divyangjan, connoted as divine body). This cell conducts programs to create awareness and accept diversity as a part of human existence in its institutional practices. It further enables the atmosphere of respect and preserves the identities of the Divyangjan students. This cell facilitates teachers with knowledge and skills of using various aids and appliances required to cater needs of differently abled students. It further makes teaching more inclusive and cognizant for the Divyangjan students. This cell also looks after the physical infrastructure and avails resources at par with the unique needs of the students.

  • To ease out the admission process for Divyangjan students
  • To create awareness and sensitize about the varied needs of Divyangjan among teachers and students
  • To augment the learning experience for students with special needs with inclusive practices
  • To provide guidance and counselling as per their specific requirements.
  • To assist Divyangjan students with self-sustenance and employment
  • Dr Murali E(Vice Principal) – Convener
  • Ms Remya S(English)
  • Ms Neethu N Unni (Commerce)
  • Ms Anupama R Varier (Psychology)
  • Mr Rajan U K (Parent)
  • Mr Anilkumar N N (Parent)
2021 – 2022
2020 – 2021