Internal Complaint Committee

The 2015 UGC regulations state that Indian colleges and universities need to have an Internal Complaints Committee that will conduct inquiries into sexual harassment complaints from students, faculty and non-teaching staff. Disciplinary action will be taken according to the nature and gravity of the behaviour reported. The College will respect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals reporting and the accused of sexual harassment to the extent possible.

Presiding Officer

  • Ms Ashitha Ashok C(Management Studies)


  • Ms Sheena Chacko (Computer Applications)

  • Mr Deepu G (English)

  • Adv. Renu Kuriachan(NGO)
  • Ms Elsy Umesh (Office Staff)

  • Ms Asha Zachariah K (Office Staff)

Student Members

  • Ms Reni Johny (Third Year BBA)

  • Ms. Ruth P M (Third CA)

  • Ms Meghna Sunil (Second MSc Psychology)

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide the platform for parents/ guardians, and teachers of students of Nirmala Arts & Science College to meet, exchange, discuss issues, make recommendations, and effectively pursue the implementation of decisions on matters affecting education / learning.
  • To foster mutual understanding, harmonious relationship and cooperation among parents, guardians, and teachers in the fulfillment of their common aim which is the welfare of the College and the students therein.
  • To give scholarship to the needy and deserving students.
  • To purchase books and journals to the college library.
  • To support students for their participation in intercollegiate cultural arts and sports meet.
  • To support the College through raising funds for the benefit of the students.