Feed Back Committee

The Feedback Committee responsible for collecting and Analysing feedback from various stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, employer and alumni about the curriculum and  students’ satisfaction on the facilities and amenities provided by the college. The collective feedbacks are summarized and analysed for the corrective measures and continuous improvements.


1. To formulate and collect structured feedback from stakeholders to increase their interaction with the institution.

2. To give stakeholders an opportunity to express their views and opinions.

3. To manage the responses from the stakeholders.

4. To understand the responses of the stakeholders and make suggestions to the concerned accordingly for further actions.

Convener: Dr.Murali E (Vice Principal)

Members :

1. Mrs. Chinju Kuriachan (Dept.of Computer Application)

2. Mr.Unnikrishnan M.T (Dept of Mgt.Studies)

3. Mr.Midhun E.B (Lab Assistant)