Union Executive Committee Members

Staff Advisors: Deepu G & Sheena Chacko (Assistant Professors in NASC)
Chairman: AKHIL SUKUMARAN (B. Com Computer Application)
Vice Chairperson: AV SREEVIDYA (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
General Secretary: ATHIRA SREEDHARAN (BBA)
Arts Club Secretary: SREEJITH SUKUMAR (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Editor of the College Magazine: MEGHA MANOJ (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Secretary of sports: AATHISH (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Counsellors to the University Union: ADARSH P SAJEEV & ASHIK KA (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Lady Representatives: SNEHA REJI & SNEHA THAMPI (B. Com Computer Application)
1st year UG Representative: SREEVARSHINI R (B. Com Computer Application)
2nd year UG Representative: ANANDHU MP (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
3rd year UG Representative: SHILPA V YOHANAN (BA Literature & Communication studies model III double main)
PG Representative: KEERTHY NATH & ANIMOL MA (M. Com Taxation)

Union Day

The college union election was held on 8th December 2015 as per guidelines. The election process proceeded smoothly under the supervision of the deputed presiding and polling officers. the investiture and oath taking ceremony was conducted in a befitting and solemn manner on 9th December 2015. Prof. Daisy NO Principal presided over the proceedings. The newly elected union leaders swore abide by the rules of the college and contribute their best towards student welfare. The union and arts club inauguration offered celebratory moments to the college on 9th December 2015. The popular cine actress Ms. Parvathy graced the occasion with her presence. The college upheld its twin motto of promoting youthful zest and at the same time addressing a social responsibility. The platform was used to inaugurate the sale of the first ticket for a fundraising charity by Thaikudam Bridge. This was in support of Tropical Health Foundation of India a unique venture by Dr. K Jacob Roy.

Union Day

The college union celebrated a colourful and fun filled Onam. Lemon and spoon race, musical chair, passing the ball and tug of war were some of the entertainments lined out. The staff were treated to a sumptuous Onam fest in the afternoon. Our college stepped into 2016 with a celebration which turned out to be a memorable event. A musical concert was performed by Kerala Mission to the Blind, Thiruvalla who are credited with 23 years of excellence concentrating in the holistic development of the blind people. Fr. Baby Eachiravelil Cor Episcopa’s presence enlightened the gathering and the message for the year delivered by him was the influence of society on the identity of a person which can transform him/her into a person like Jesus or judas. The first college magazine ‘Melange’ was released on the same day by our manager Mr. George Kuriakose, which could evoke in us a sense of belonging to our ground. The coordinator of Kerala Mission to the Blind Mr. Simon inspired us by his words. Each and every one could understand the value of vision and had an awareness of pledging the eye. The new year celebration instilled in us the humane values which have to be inculcated and put into practice throughout the life.

Sports Day

The sports secretary led from front the sports events of the academic year and nirmalites had a wonderful sports day and other sporting events throughout the academic year.