On March 1st, 2024, the Department of Management Studies organized a significant event for the distribution of Logistics Certificates. The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome speech by the Head of Department, Ashitha Ashok C, setting the tone for the event.

In her speech, Ashitha Ashok C extended a heartfelt welcome to all attendees and expressed her appreciation for the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the students throughout their logistics program. She highlighted the importance of logistics in modern business operations and emphasized the significance of the certificates as a testament to the students’ skills and knowledge in the field.

Following the welcome speech, the Principal delivered an inspiring address, congratulating the students on their achievements. The Principal commended their commitment to excellence and encouraged them to continue striving for success in their future endeavors.

Subsequently, the distribution of certificates took place, marking the culmination of the students’ journey in the logistics program. Each student received their certificate with pride, symbolizing their successful completion of the program and readiness to embark on promising careers in the field of logistics.

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Published On: March 2, 2024Categories: College news, Management Studies Department Activities