On March 1st, 2024, the Department of Management Studies organized a heartfelt farewell party to bid adieu to the final year students. The event was a memorable occasion filled with emotions and joyous celebrations.

The farewell party commenced with a soulful prayer song, setting a reverent tone for the proceedings. An inspiring welcome speech was delivered by Anaswara, a second-year student, expressing gratitude and fond memories on behalf of the juniors.

The Principal then addressed the gathering, sharing words of encouragement and wisdom for the graduating students as they embarked on their new journey. This was followed by a heartfelt message from the Head of the Department, reflecting on the achievements of the outgoing students and wishing them success in their future endeavors.

Throughout the event, final year students had the opportunity to reminisce and share their experiences, creating an atmosphere filled with nostalgia and camaraderie. Various games were arranged, adding a fun and interactive element to the party, which students thoroughly enjoyed.

A sumptuous lunch was provided, allowing everyone to relish delicious food while continuing their conversations and sharing laughter. The event culminated with a group photo session, capturing the cherished memories of the day and symbolizing the bonds forged during their time together.

Overall, the farewell party was a poignant yet joyous occasion, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for the final year students. It was a fitting tribute to their time at the Department of Management Studies, filled with heartfelt goodbyes and best wishes for the future.

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