Institutional Distinctiveness

Nirmala charitable trust Mulanthuruthy commenced its journey of providing higher education in 2007 by establishing an arts and science college with a great vision. The college envisions accelerating a transformative educational experience for students focused on disciplinary knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills anchored on ethics and social responsibility. With this vision, the college functions as a distinct centre that is more than a place for formal higher education. The academic and non-academic experiences on campus provide opportunities for students’ cognitive development and significant changes in their values, beliefs, and preferences to generate a personal transformation.

The college gives high priority to the overall wellness of students. The campus provides extensive resources like teachers, a library, internet, and IT support to promote students’ learning, problem-solving, and creativity to foster intellectual wellness. 

It offers support mainly through two specific centres to promote students’ psychological and physical well-being.

1. The Counselling Centre in the college is headed by a professional counsellor who specialises in clinical psychology. It assists college students and personnel who require the support of a psychologist during office hours to resolve their issues. Though the Counselling Centre primarily provides professional support to students with psychological problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, etc., it also provides career guidance to those students who are confused about choosing their career path.

2. ‘Yoga and Wellness Centre’, which promotes yoga among students as a mechanism to reduce mental stress and manage their physical health. The centre conducts a value-added course on YOGA for the students under an experienced yoga guru’s supervision. Counselling and yoga centres also support the students to realise their full potential.

Apart from these two specific centres, the women’s cell, physical education department, readers and speaker’s forum etc., also organise programmes to improve the mental and physical health of the students. The college conducts workshops and training camps to help students with self-defence and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The college also offers fitness, gaming, and cultural programmes to students. College and departmental levels orientation programmes support freshers on campus and make them feel mentally comfortable. The National Service Scheme units organise camps for blood testing and donation, eye tests and dental check-ups. Invited professional talks on cancer awareness and sex and gender identity are also held to support the students.

The college is situated on a lush green 5-acre campus with trees and shrubs and an extensive area of grass cover. The planted areas on the campus cover nutritional, medicinal, cosmetic, birth star, aquatic, and ornamental plants. Such a landscape of trees, gardens and lawns, as well as environmentally conscious practices, provide the students and staff with clean and cool air and a pleasant, peaceful and stimulating campus experience.

Moreover, students are motivated to visit orphanages, old age homes, palliative care centres etc. Every year, the college’s NSS units organise a seven-day off-campus residential camp that provides opportunities for group living, collective experience sharing, and community engagement. 

The college promotes human values like equality, justice, and peace; professional values like honesty, punctuality, and discipline; and societal values like commitment, tolerance, and empathy.

The resources mentioned above, initiatives, support and practises would reduce the stress among students, faculty and office staff, create positive change in their attitudes, and contribute to their well-being, making the campus distinctive.