Feedback Mechanism

The Feedback Committee, established by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), regularly gathers feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, alumni, and employers. This feedback is meticulously collected, analyzed, and subsequently used to provide valuable suggestions and recommendations to the relevant authorities or decision-making bodies.


The primary aim of this process is to accurately assess the influence of the institution’s efforts, at every level, on its diverse stakeholders. The institution is committed to ensuring that the benefits of its initiatives are effectively delivered to all stakeholders. To achieve this, the feedback committee systematically collects feedback and utilizes statistical analysis to identify trends. These insights, derived from the opinions of the stakeholders, serve as a basis for the feedback committee to take appropriate actions and make informed decisions.


  • The feedback from various stakeholders is collected through:
    • Feedback on the curriculum is obtained from students through the Feedback Forms filled online.
    • Parents’ feedback is collected during Open House or PTA meetings.
    • Alumni feedback is collected either during alumni meetings or through online channels.
    • Teachers provide their feedback through online feedback forms.
    • Employer feedback is collected either in person or through online platforms.
  • Once collected, the data is compiled and analysed through SPSS or Microsoft Excel Package by the feedback committee and brings to the attention of the IQAC for further analysis.
  • The statistical data derived from the feedback is then presented before Departments, the staff Council, and the management Committee to incorporate additional suggestions based on this feedback.
  • The IQAC collates inputs and suggestions from stakeholders, engaging in discussions with departments and authorities to determine the next steps to be taken.