The students of all 1st year and 2nd year classes were given an introductory class by the programme coordinator Mrs. Mythili Raja, teacher coordinators Miss Vaishnavi Jayakrishnan V K and Miss Chandra S, along with student coordinators Shilpa Nair and Sandra A S. An introductory session on stress/ emotional problems and other mental distress which the age group is concerned with are discussed. Students are then encouraged to come forward to talk personally to the counselor. Relaxation Techniques, Stress relieving methods, habit formation methods are elaborated to the students. After this introductory session, the counselor meets each student personally. Students in need of immediate attention are referred to the counselors by the class teachers/ mentors and are monitored by the counseling cell for the primary consultation. If the students need further help are referred to professional psychologists. Regular follow up of cases are taken care responsibly by the cell.

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Published On: January 1, 2022Categories: Counselling Cell Activities