Nirmala Arts & Science College, Mulanthuruthy organized an orientation programme of K DISC and YIP for final year UG students.

K DISC is Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council, which is a Kerala Government initiative for students. YIP is a wing that works under K DISC and it works towards bringing out better innovative ideas from youth, which can be an ideal solution for a major crisis that the society is facing/an idea that can make the living of each individual better in this universe.

Through this orientation programme each and every student came to know the real purpose and meaning of K DISC. The programme also threw light on the benefits of joining and being a part of this initiative. All the students were asked to register in K DISC and the resource persons gave them guidance for the same.

Later students were advised to come up with innovative ideas and participate in YIP 5.0, which was an ongoing contest. In this contest, if an idea put forward by a student get selected at district level and then at state level, they will be awarded with a lumpsum amount. Further each student who participate will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

On the very next day itself, an online session through google meet, of the same was arranged at 4.30 pm in the evening for second year UG students. They also registered themselves in K DISC – YIP Platform. Within two days, almost 139 ideas were put forward by students and all of them were approved and submitted.


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Published On: July 7, 2023Categories: College news