On 20th October 2023, a group of BCA students embarked on an enlightening one-day trip to Techgentsia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. The visit commenced with a warm reception by the company’s representatives, who provided an insightful overview of the company’s operations and its pivotal role in the IT industry. Students engaged in immersive sessions. The highlight of the day was the interactive tour of the company’s departments, where students witnessed the synergy of teamwork and innovation. Engaging conversations with IT professionals not only broadened their understanding of real-world applications but also offered invaluable career insights. The trip concluded with a lively Q&A session, allowing students to clarify doubts and seek advice from industry experts. This experience not only deepened their knowledge but also fuelled their passion for IT, leaving them inspired and motivated for their future endeavours. Heartfelt thanks to Techgentsia Technologies for providing this enriching opportunity, fostering a bridge between classroom learning and practical industry exposure.

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Published On: October 20, 2023Categories: College news, Computer Applications Department Activities