College students must adapt to environments overwhelmed by rapid change, ambiguity, uncertainty, and depleted support systems. Students must also cope with a myriad of personal and psychological problems that range from basic adjustment and developmental, academic and learning, and career concerns to clinical-level mental illness. The college considers students’ counselling in its holistic or inclusive perspective which incorporates educational and mental health dimensions. This holistic view of counselling enables services to reach and assist a vast majority of the and faculty in the campus while contributing to an environment of support and encouragement.

Some students in the campus experience personal and psychological problems such as dysfunctional family situations; anxiety around social, academic, and career concerns; and mental health issues such as sexuality, intimacy, relationships, grief and loss etc.. Personal and psychological problems interfere with innumerable aspects of a student’s life, causing significant impairment and distress. To attend these mental health concerns of the students, tools like psychotherapy is adopted at counselling centre.

The counselling centre of the college also assist the students to improve their academic proficiency by strengthening reading and writing skills, time management, test taking, comprehension and retention, and study strategies through suitable supportive programs. Students are given opportunities for interactions with academic advisers, faculty members in psychology.

Counselling in the college is also involved on the issues encompassing career and vocational exploration. Within this domain, counselling centre with the support of career placement cell of the college assists students in selecting their area of higher studies, choosing a career, or clarifying attributes that facilitate or detract from their present work. Opportunities for the exploration of personal values, goals, and characteristics, combined with assessments of career interests, are provided to the students at the joint initiatives of counselling centre and placement cell of the college. Students are provided with ample platforms for faculty interactions which can be another essential facet of our career counselling. Such significant relationships are positively associated with changes in students’ occupational values.

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Published On: January 1, 2021Categories: Counselling Cell Activities