The soul of a civilization is the honour it has granted to  women. With an aim to help the students to realise female potential, the women’s cell of Nirmala Arts ànd Science College, Jwaala, was inaugurated on 31st December 2020. As the name suggests the objective of the cell is to ignite the hidden inner spark in the minds of our students into powerful flames.

Convener: Mrs. Agnus Joy(Dept.of English)
Members :
1. Mrs.Ashitha Ashok C.(Dept. of Mgt Studies)
2. Mrs. Nisha Antony (Dept.of Languages)
3. Mrs.Anjana Joji(Dept. of Commerce)
4. Miss.Vaishnavi Jayakrishnan V.K(Dept.of Psychology)


  • To help the students realize female potential
  • To develop self confidence among the girl students
  • To create an awareness about problems of women and gender discrimination.
  • To create awareness about the women’s rights in the society
  • To develop skills among the girl students by providing training sessions and workshops.


National Girl Child Day Celebration

With the aim of creating a better world for girl child and to protest against gender discriminations in the society, National Girl Child Day was celebrated under the initiative of College Women’s Cell, Jwaala,  on 24th January 2021. The online event conducted through GMeet at 4.30pm received much appreciation.  Principal, Dr. Geetha C A, addressed the gathering sharing her experiences and opinions regarding the importance of girlhood. College Dean Prof. Daisy N O talked about the significance of giving better education to all children irrespective of gender.A debate was organised for the students on the topic Being A Girl. Everyone appreciated the active participation of the candidates in the debate. J Shilpa Nair from second BSc Psychology was awarded the best participant prize.

Inaugural ceremony and Talk on Adolescent Health

The inaugural programme of Jwaala was conducted on 31st December 2020  in the virtual platform of Gmeet at 3pm. Dr.Jesna K A, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Mission Pink Health Coordinator , inaugurated the cell. Her session on Adolescent Health was really informative. Students actively participated in the followed interactive session. Principal Dr.Geetha C A talked on the relevance of Women’s Cell and the role it plays in bringing confidence and developing self esteem among girls. Dean Prof Daisy N O felicitated the cell reminding the great  roles and responsibilities it has to fulfill.  There were 80 participants including staff and students. The effective participation and coordination made the event a resounding success.