Value Education

Values adorn our lives and make our existence meaningful. Nirmala Arts and Science College gives the highest priority to value education. We believe in the ultimate virtue of humanity and focus on nurturing the goodness in individuals. Physical, mental and emotional balance  is necessary for  personality development. Teaching universal values helps to develop righteous behaviour and change the perspectives of the students. We practice inclusiveness in the campus leaving a model for our students to respect and tolerate differences and thereby instil true spirit of patriotism. We are obliged to constitutional values and making the young buds responsible citizens is our concern.


Our institution provides various orientation programmes ,campaigns, training and awareness sessions  on human ,ethical, social and cultural values. We insist each Nirmalite to maintain campus discipline which will gradually improve the overall quality of their life. This education train the students to face the world’s challenges with the right attitude. We also conduct competitions for our students raising awareness against drug addiction and similar evils. Living in harmony with nature is the need of the hour and we have many eco-friendly practices including organic farming here.The serene campus of Nirmala teaches the students to embrace  nature. We conduct periodic cleaning drives and other social services which help to learn the value of service mindedness. All these experiences guide the students to move forward in the right path for a better future setting a standard of behaviour. Value education provides the students with a positive view of life and motivates them to become more sensible persons.