Union Executive Committee Members

Staff Advisors: Sinumon TG & Sheena Chacko (Assistant Professors in NASC)
Chairman: SREEJITH SUKUMAR (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Vice Chairperson: ATHIRA CL (BBA)
General Secretary: DISHANTH CP (BA Literature & Communication studies model III double main)
Arts Club Secretary: HARIKRISHNAN PM (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
Editor of the College Magazine: SONIYA JEJU (BBA)
Secretary of sports: WILLIAM SYRIAC J (BBA)
Counsellors to the University Union: SREEJITH NAIR (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
& VISHNU PV (BA Literature & Communication studies model III double main)
Lady Representatives: VIDHYA SUDHI & SREEKUTTY DHARMAJAN (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
1st year UG Representative: ABHISHEK PP (BCA)
2nd year UG Representative: SIVAPRIYA R (B. Com Finance & Taxation)
3rd year UG Representative: JAYASREE JM (BCA)
PG Representative: ANJAY SATHEESAN (M. Com Taxation)

Union Day

The college union election was held on 8th September 2016 as per the university guidelines. We followed the parliamentary form of election. The union members were elected from among the 32 student council members. The oath taking ceremony was conducted on 31st October 2016. Prof. Daisy NO Principal presided over the proceedings. College union successfully conducted various programmes like safe drive campaign, Onam, Independence Day celebration and Christmas celebration. The college union conducted a Drive Safe campaign on June 8. Mr. Jayaraj subinspector of police mulanthuruthy station and Mr. Vinod kumar inspector of Motor vehicle department conducted the session.

Arts Day

Onam the festival of flowers was celebrated with much pomp and show. The management teaching staffs and non-teaching staff celebrated Onam on September 6 2016 with a sumptuous sadya and its mouth-watering delicacies. The staff also enthusiastically participated in the fun games that followed. The celebration for students was held on September 9, 2016. They came in colorful traditional Kerala attires. Competitions like flower carpet, Malayali manga/Kerala sreeman etc were held along with onam related games like uriyadi and vadam vali. The students were also served with tasty payasam. As part of the 70th Independence Day celebration a meeting was organized at the college auditorium on August 12 with Dr. Sebastian Paul as chief guest.  This was followed by the staging of arts programmes organized by the Literary and Debate club in association with college union. Star attraction of the arts events was a colourful dance with independence as the theme. After the performance a group discussion on the topic “Indian-Our Perspectives” was conducted. The discussion threads included Indian politics, education, society and sports.

Sports Day