OBE (Outcome Based Education) Committee

OBE stands for Outcome Based Education, which can be considered as an education model, theory or process. It tries to shift the focus of education from the traditional approach of what an institution gives to its students to a novel approach of educational experience where each student achieves their goals as the end result of learning.

The committee is a recently constituted one, in the academic year 2020-2021 with the aim of improving the teaching-learning experience of the institution.


To build an awareness about the necessity of OBE among the various stakeholders of education.

To equip students with knowledge, competence and orientations needed for success.

To improve the evaluation process of various programmes offered by the institution.

Convener: Mrs. Mythili Raja (Dept.of English)


1. Mrs. Ancy K. Alias(Dept.of Mathematics)

2. Miss.Jency Varghese K.V. (Dept.of Commerce)

3. Miss.Chandra S.(Dept.of Psychology)