Mentoring Cell

Nirmala Arts& Science College offers a ‘Mentoring System’ through which a group of students are assigned to a group of faculty members at the commencement of their academic program. The main objective of this mentoring system is to provide a reliable and comprehensive support system, to motivate students to excel in both academic and non-academic fields and to make the most of their life at the College. The mentoring system of the College ensures that the students adapt to the dynamic learning environment and lead their ways into highly successful careers.

Members of the Cell

Mr.Unnikrishnan.M.T (Coordinator)

Mrs.Steffy Varghese

Mr.Bitto Paul

Mr. Deepu.G

Mrs. Remya.S

Mrs. Sheena.T.C

Ms. Chandra.S


  • To provide immediate guidance by mentors to solve problems
  • To support Mentees under organized and guided supervision
  • To provide holistic experience to develop an appropriate teaching behavior
  • To get benefit from mentor’s experience and advice