About the Department

The Department of Computer Applications was started  in the year 2014. The department offers Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications which comprises of 29 core papers and 5 complementary papers.

The central objective of this programme is to provide a foundation of computing principles and business practices for effective use and management of information systems and enterprise software.

The Department plays an active role in the co-curricular activities of the college. The prominent activities conducted within the department are intercollegiate fests, department fests, tours, webinars, and seminars every year.

The graduation programme in Computer Application aids students to scrutinize the requirements and specification for system development and it also exposes students to business software and information systems.

This course provides students with options to specialize in legacy application software, system software and mobile applications. Total number of students graduated in the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 were 23, 21, 32, and 23 respectively. More than 25% of students in each batch  get placement every year.

The department aims to prepare every student professionally fit for the rapidly growing industry of Information and Technology in the beginning of every academic session.

The department consists of students from different economic, geographic and cultural background. The multi-cultural nature of the students helps them to develop interpersonal relationships as well as improve their communication skills for a better work environment in the future.

To familiarize students with the course and to develop rapport with their classmates and peers, orientation classes and induction programmes are held.


The mission of the department is to offer the finest education in the science of computing and programming and equip the students with prime set of skills and knowledge that would help them to find and create potent career opportunities. The department will continue to develop and administer programmes which serve the needs of industrial computer scientists, researchers, and computer application specialists for whom the discipline of computing sciences provides indispensable tools.


Our department focuses mainly on helping our students imbibe strong analytical skills within themselves which in turn enable them to decipher the significant demands of the field and thereby surge the quality of human life.


  • Geo Babu(2016-2019) got placed in TCS.
  • Abhilash P Joy, Abhishek p, Geo Babu (2016-2019) got placed in Infosys
  • Radhika Vishnu and Jerin Kurian(2016-2019 Batch) got placed in Wipro
  • Vismaya Babu,Gauthami VC, Ruhma Babu and Sariga Rajan (2016-2019) got placed in Tech Mahindra
  • Radhika Vishnu (2016-2019) got placed in HYUNDAI
  • Sariga Rajan and Sreelekshmi Shibu(2016-2019) got placed in Fidelity National Financial India
  • Ebin Kurian , Lakshmimol Madhu and Kavya Kanakan(2017-2020) got placed in ESAF.
  • Emmanuel Jose, Jobin Raju, Sudeep Nambair(2018-2021)got placed in SutherLand
  • Ms.Lakshmimol Madhu and Mr.Sravan Suresh(Final year BCA ,2019-2020) got selection in final round of State level Quiz Competition related to World Computer Literacy conducted by Computer Department of Nirmala College,Muvattupuzha in January
  • Arun Raj and Clevin Robert(First Year BCA,2019-2020) won first prize for quiz conducted by Computer Department of Gujarathi College in November
  • Jaison Joy (First Year BCA,2019-2020) won first prize for photography conducted by computer department of Nirmala College Muvattupuzha in October
  • Clevin Robert (First Year BCA,2019-2020) won first prize for hardware assembling conducted by Computer Department of Cusat and Nirmala college,Muvattupuzha in October
  • Mr.Harikrishnan K.M (First year BCA, 2015-2016) Percussion (Eastern) got second with A Grade in MG University Kalolsavam.
  • Jitho v joy(2016-19) got first rank in MCA CEE Examination.

Course Offered

Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA – 3 years)

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. It is one of the popular courses among the students who want to make their career in the IT (Information Technology) field. The programme shall normally extend over a period of 3 academic years consisting of 6 semesters. The UG Programme in Computer Applications and Science includes Common courses, Core courses, Complementary Courses, Open courses, Seminars, Projects and viva voce. The main objective of this program is to develop the skills in software development, prepare the student for a position involving the design, development and implementation of computer software/hardware, and to prepare the student for entry into a program of postgraduate study in computer science/engineering and related fields.

Faculty List

1. Mrs.Chinju Kuriachan, HOD
2. Mr.Eldho Peter, Asst professor
3. Ms.Meera Mohan, Asst professor
4. Mrs.Vishnupriya N.V, Asst professor
5. Mrs.Rekha T S , Asst professor
6. Ms. Jayasree J M , Asst professor

Faculty Profile - Department of Computer Applications Faculty Profiles

Conference / Seminars / Webinars

International Webinar on Python

The Department of Computer Applications in association with Career Guidance and Placement Cell conducted a Webinar on “Python” for students, faculties and employees of various institutions/organizations from different countries on 24th August 2020 through Google Meet. Ms. Jithy Lijo, Asst. Professor from Banglore University and Ms. Drishya Haridas , Faculty of Computer Science from Cambridge University were the resource persons. The objective of the webinar was achieved. The overall session benefited the faculties and students. This webinar would help them to do their implementation in the area of programming.

Webinar on Future with Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Applications conducted a Webinar on Future with Artificial Intelligence. It was held on 16th November 2020. The speaker of the webinar was Mr. Adarsh V Kumar , who is an AI developer in AI village. The overall class was conducted very successfully.

A webinar on Basics of web development as resource persons.

Appointed as Resource Persons for conducting the FEP for the topic “ BASICS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT”  was organized by the department of computer science, Sndpyss College, affiliated to calicut university, Perinthalmanna. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. P K Jaganathan, Principal, SNDPYSS College.The event was conducted in two sessions. The first session was handled by Mr. Eldho Peter , he was presented the recent trend in web programming and next, the practical session was handled by Ms. Jeena Varghese. More than 100 participants , including various department faculties and students have participated in this FEP. After the session , the faculties and students interacted with their question session. And, the session ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Prameesh T P , FEP Co-ordinator.

FDP Organized

Department of Computer Applications frequently conducted Faculty Development Programme for our department Staff. The main objective of this programme is to improve faculty’s ability in carrying out research, testing & consultancy in the area of Signal & Image Processing. To introduce Signal & Image Processing and to provide opportunities to further widen the knowledge and to pursue research.

Faculty Exchange Programme

The Department of Computer Applications of Nirmala Arts and Science College conducted a three-day Faculty Exchange Program from 28th to 30th September 2020 in association with the Department of Computer Science, in Swamy Saswathikananda College, Poothotta.

As part of the planning phase of this program, a proposal was sent to Swamy Saswathikananda College and an MOU was signed. A brochure was designed and distributed to spread awareness about this program.

The aim was to enhance skills of teaching concepts practically by conducting faculty exchange programs. With this aim, two faculties from our department conducted classes. Ms. Jeena Varghese handled “ operating systems ” for third semester BCA students and Ms. Steffy K Vargheese handled “ Computer Networks ” for fifth semester BCA students. Two faculties from Swamy Saswathikananda College, Ms. Rajalakshmy K R and Ms. Thusharamol P handled “ Computer Networks ” for fifth Semester BCA students and “ Data structure using CPP ” for third semester BCA students respectively. The FDP program received an overwhelming response from the students of both colleges.

The following feedback was received from the students:

99% of the students felt that the delivery and presentation of the resource person was good.

Students felt that such an FEP Program was coordinated very well and should be arranged regularly.

Outreach /Social Responsibility Programmes

Digital Awareness


The department of Computer Applications of Nirmala Arts and Science College conducted a one day digital awareness class for parents as a part of World Computer Literacy Day on 13th December 2020 at 11am. As part of the planning phase of this program a registration form was send to parents and interested parents were registered. The aim of this program was to provide digital awareness skills like how to use google pay for online transactions, how to create email id and how to use it, how to use play store, whatsApp and also regarding Google meet and you tube channel creation. By the end of the session feedback form was provided to parents.

Clubs & Associations


Club is designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance the professional skills for their personal growth and the development of professional competence. Club is committed to organize academic activities for the students of Department of Computer Applications so as to help them to pursue their interests and nurture their skills.

Club believes in the philosophy that knowledge can’t only be learnt in the four walls of the classrooms but it must find way beyond that.

Students are encouraged to participate in the activities organized by the club wherein they are given a platform to present their ideas related to the theme.

The club endeavours to gain confidence, experience and build professional skills including leadership, teamwork and communication among students through various activities like Brochure Making, Debate, Quiz, Role Play, Spell-Bee, Poster Making, Article writing, Poetry, Elocution, Team Building games and New Product Development.


The department has an active Computer Association “CASIN” (Computer Association of Students In Nirmala), consisting of all the students and teachers of Computer Applications  department. To give exposure to the budding Computer Science and IT professions on latest trends, the both these associations conduct various seminars, workshops, paper presentations and talks by invited experts. These associations also offer various training programs to staff and students to make them aware of the rapid technological developments in the areas of Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology.



2020-2021 – Department Association day has been conducted on 2nd December by Computer Association of students in Nirmala. The Resource person was “Mr. Benny Xavier”, Chief  Information Officer(CIO)AND Co-Founder of Riafy Technologies. The planned objective was to inaugurate the association and interact with the resource person “Mr Benny xavier”, and conducted successfully.

2019-2020 – The Department Association, CASIN, was inaugurated by Mr. Mithun John Jacob, Onicz Systems Systems, on November 20, 2019. His session on the Latest Trends in Programming and Job Prospectus was very informative.

2018-2019 – The department of computer Applications conducted Exynos 2018 the Department Fest on September 14. The fest included events such as Techno Quiz, Gaming, Letter writing, Debugging, brain overload and other fun games. The events provided a great opportunity to the staff and students to have a wholesome experience.

2017-2018 – The Department Fest on july 25th ‘Techwings’ featured a quiz  competition, Treasure Hunt, Minute to Win It and a flash mob. It was an opportunity to let free the technical master minds of the computer brains.

2016-2017 – The techies of the Department unleashed their creativity and innovation in a technical paper presentation organized by the Department on June 29-30. The topics covered included java, OS, Networking and a lot more.





Training & Skill Development

Placement Training

2018-2019 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a one day aptitude training programme for final year students(2018-19). Our resource person was Mr.Anu Gopalakrishnan, MD Aptitech Placements and training .

2019-2020 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a one day aptitude training programme for final year students(2019-20). Our resource person was Mr.Anu Gopalakrishnan, MD Aptitech Placements and training .

2020-2021 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a HR & Technical round orientation training programme for BCA final year students(2019-20). Our resource person was Mr. Eldhose Jacob, Founder of NOSCE


2018-2019 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a one day softskill training programme for final year students(2018-19). Our resource person was Mr. Jobin George, cooperate Eoxon.

2019-2020 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a one day softskill training programme for final year students(2019-20). Our resource person was Mr. Swarup Menon, Miles Education Pvt limited.

2020-2021 – Department  of Computer Applications conducted a one day softskill training programme for BCA final year students(2020-21). This programme was conducted by faculties from department of English.

Orientation Programmes

2016-2017 – An orientation programme was conducted for the teaching staff of the college in the last week of May by Rev. Fr. Thomas Chakariyil. The topic discussed was the difference between a Real Guru and a Teacher.

2017-2018 – The orientation for the students was conducted from June 12th -15th by Dr. Ratheesh Ambat, Corporate trainer. The first year students had the golden opportunity of attending a full day session by Fr. Eby Varkey.

2018-2019 – An orientation programme was conducted for the first year students by Dr. Mary Matilda, Rtd. Principal of Maharaja’s college and known Personality Trainer, during the month of August. She spoke at length about the importance of settings goals in life and how to go about achieving them.

2019-2020 – An orientation programme was conducted by Fr. Eby Varkey on 25th June 2019 for the first year students. He encouraged and emphasised the students to lead a life counting God’s blessings and dignity of human life. Another orientation programme was conducted by Dr. Ratheesh Ambat  on mind matters.

2020-21 – Nirmala Arts and Science College Mulanthuruthy organized an orientation programme for the newly joined graduation students through Google meet on 30/Oct/2020.The programme had two sessions. The first session handled by Prof.Dr.Dileep Kumar -Former vice chancellor of Sree Sankara University Kalady inaugrated the event. He took his session on how the students need to be responsible citizen in the society by quoting varied examples from different facets of life. The second session handled by Shri Thankkachan,(Director of Rural Science and Technology Thuruthikkara) inaugurated the second session. In his speech he shared how the science and technology will help the students to earn a livelihood. He highlighted the good work of our college E D club. He stressed the need for cooperation by our ED club with Rural Science and technology, Thuruthikkara which will be beneficial to the ED Club.

Remedial Coaching

The system of remedial teaching is practised to make up the deficiency of slow learners. The remedial suggestions can aid struggling students shore up their basic skills. In order to identify slow learners, first year students are put through an entry level aptitude test and both second and third year students are sorted out based on their marks obtained in internal and university exams. Special classes are taken up by teachers apart from their regular classes in order to make them comfortable with the subjects.


Mentoring programme is conducted to help the students to strengthen their varied capabilities and to build and inter personal relationship between the teachers and students.
Each Teacher in our department is assigned with the task of mentoring 21 Students.

Study Tour/Industrial Visits

NIrmala study tour

The Department of Computer Applications conducts a study tour every year for the final year students. The aim of this is to provide an opportunity to study the social and cultural changes, values, social practice and phenomena in different parts of the country. To enable the students to meet eminent personalities in the field of social work to interact with them learn from expriences. The objectives of tour are Effective Learning, Personal Development, Deepen Social and Historical Knowledge, Develop Critical Thinking, Respect for Culture, Enhances Perspective and Effective Communication.

Parent Teacher Association

Department of Computer Applications conducts PTA meeting on a regular basis.

Students’ academic performance are assessed based on two internal examinations and one model examination

PTA meetings are usually arranged once or twice a year before the University Exam.

PTA is a great opportunity to share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments.

In 2020 year PTA was conducted online and platform was google meet.

Students’ strength, needs, behaviours and learning styles were shared with parents. Discussions were also made regarding issues that may be interfering with students learning and growth.


The Department of Computer Application frequently organizes many recruitment drives for the placement of our students.

Campus recruitment drives conducted under the department provides placements to students pursuing the programme.

In Previous years Industries visited the college and selected students based on aptitude test followed by group discussion and HR round.

In the year 2020-21 Placement drives were conducted online and students were selected.

Major recruiters were TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, SUTHERLAND, Hyundai, ESAF Bank etc.

Placement follow-ups are also conducted on a regular basis for ensuring whether the students who have been selected are placed suitably in the job.

 Name  Company Name  Year
Geo Babu TCS, Infosys 2018-19
Abhilash P Joy Infosys 2018-19
Abhishek P Infosys 2018-19
Radhika Vishnu Wipro, Hyundai 2018-19
Jerrin Kurian Wipro 2018-19
Vismaya Babu Tech Mahindra 2018-19
Gauthami V.C Tech Mahindra 2018-19
Ruhma Babu Tech Mahindra 2018-19
Sariga Rajan Tech Mahindra, Fidelity National Financial India 2018-19
Sreelakshmi Sibu Fidelity National Financial India 2018-19
Ebin Kurian ESAF 2019-20
Kavya Kanakan ESAF 2019-20
Lakshmimol Madhu ESAF 2019-20
Emmanuel Jose Sutherland 2020-21
Sudeep Nambair C. Sutherland 2020-21
Jobin Raju Sutherland 2020-21

Bridge Course

Department of Computer Applications conducted a Bridge Course,  aimed to act as a buffer for the new entrants, with an objective to provide adequate time for the transition to hard-core subjects. The students were selected by conducting an exam. Those students who secured 50% or below score, were selected for this course. During this interaction of 2 weeks (2/1/2021 to 22/1/2021) with the faculty, the students will be equipped with the knowledge and the confidence to study the course. A class of 18 students may be accompanied with 6 faculty members. It may not be on continuous days.


Computer Architecture: Introduction, Input Devices , Output Devices, Central Processing Unit (CPU) Memory :Primary Memory, Random Access memory, Types of RAM, Read Only Memory, Types of ROM, Secondary Memory: Classification of Secondary Storage Devices, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Disk, Optical Disk.

Data Representation in Computers:  Number Systems and Logic Gates Introduction, Number Systems, Conversion between Number Bases

Computer Software: Introduction to Software, Definition, Software Categories: System Software, Application Software

Programming Language: Introduction, Classification of Programming Languages, Computer Programs: Introduction, Developing a Program, Algorithm, Flowchart

Operating System: Introduction, Functions of an Operating System, Modern Operating Systems, Data Communication and Computer Network: Introduction, Transmission Media, Network Topologies,

Internet: Basis Introduction, Basic Internet Terms, Getting Connected to Internet, Internet Applications: Electronic Mail, Searching the Web (Search Engines), Computer Viruses and Anti viruses

Basic statistics and Introductory Probability Theory: Introduction to statistics, Population and Sample, Collection of Data, Census and Sampling, Methods of Sampling Simple Random Sampling(with and without replacement) stratified sampling systematic sampling (method only), Types of data quantitative, qualitative, Classification and Tabulation, diagrammatic representation-Bar diagram, Pie diagram

Add-on courses

PC Hardware maintenance in collaboration with  Delta soft Consultancy Pvt Ltd.

Professional Diploma in SEO and Digital Marketing.